Young Thug’s ‘Wyclef Jean’ video is unintentionally brilliant

“I’ll just explain how this video fell apart,” runs the co-director’s onscreen annotations

Young Thug has dropped his latest clip, a big budget production for Jeffery cut Wyclef Jean. However, the video shoot didn’t go off as planned.

According to co-director Ryan Staake, the rapper didn’t show up on time to film the video but rather than allow the video to be derailed, Staake got creative. “I don’t have anything close to what I planned to film,” states an intertitle at an early point in the clip. “So, I’ll just explain how this video fell apart.”

What follows is a selection of B-roll footage and some additional material of Young Thug dancing and eating Cheetos on in front of a private jet, a clip that was reportedly sent across by Young Thug two months after the shoot. All of which is is interspersed with the director’s captions describing precisely how – and why – the shoot went wrong.

In the end, Staake writes, “none of this matters. The video cost over $100,000 and the artist never showed up. But you’re still watching”.

You too can watch the video above.

(via Rolling Stone)