Ben Klock to launch multi-sensory series Photon at Printworks

For his new series, Klock will be joined by Marcel Dettmann, Ben Sims and more

Ben Klock is curating a series of events, the first of which will kick off at London’s Printworks on April 30. The line-up will include performances from Ben Klock himself, Marcel Dettmann, a live show from Planetary Assault Systems, Ben Sims, Dax J and Etapp Kyle.

As a new concept from the German DJ’s label Klockworks, Photon will be featuring collaborators, friends and colleagues of the label. The series will take place in various venues and has been described as “a multi-sensory experience placing attention on the marriage between sound, light and architecture”.

Why not prep by reading our interview with Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann for the Crack’s January 2017 issue.

Dates are yet to be announced, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, you can buy tickets here.