JUPITER-C – Locust

The Jupiter-C was a US development vehicle used three sub-orbital spaceflights. We had to look that up. Then we had to look up what sub-orbital meant. According to Google, sub-orbital denotes a trajectory which “does not complete a full orbit of the earth or other celestial body.”


Fitting then, that Locust and its accompanying visual – from a band who share a name with the spacecraft – create a mood of wanting to escape but not quite making it. The dissonant, post-punk throb of their pop-leaning melodies arrives stilted in a kind of anxious fog. Recorded at Bristol’s Invada Studios by in house engineer Stu Matthews, the track is lifted from their upcoming EP – a masterclass in cinematic tension and ominous, futuristic dread.


The video is produced by Edward Green and the EP is released 3 March via Invada Records UK. To celebrate the unveiling of the release, JUPITER-C will play a special show at The White Hotel in Salford. Tickets for the show are available here.