Did Lana Del Rey just reveal release dates for new music?

The Americana singer-songwriter has sent out a mysterious tweet, sparking speculation on whether these are dates for new music

Mysteriously, Lana Del Rey has tweeted a set of dates, causing fans on Twitter to speculate whether these are release dates. The cryptic tweet reads: “At the stroke of midnight Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23”.

What these days allude to are currently unknown. They do happen to coincide with the waning crescent moon ritual dates, and Del Rey has previously tweeted an article on seven earth-sized planets that orbit the Dwarf star.

It’s also been noted that these days happen to align with the times pledged by witches to cast a mass binding spell on Donald Trump.

The only other clue we have from Del Rey is: “Ingredients can b found online”. You can check out the ambiguous message below.

Previously, the singer-songwriter released the single Love, which appeared without warning. No other comment has been made on the release of an album.

Update: a representative for Del Rey has confirmed that the dates were referencing the occult ritual dates, Pitchfork has reported.