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“Another side of female mind”, runs the cryptic press materials that accompanies Demian Licht’s Female Criminals Vol. 2. A continuation of Female Criminals Vol. 1 – itself a study of femaleness as a destructive, powerful force – Demian Licht has proven she has an unflinching gaze when it comes to harnessing the darker energies of the dance floor.

Based in Mexico City, Lecht’s productions are detailed affairs, employing thorny textures and dissociative samples wedded to rolling, tunnelistic kicks that feel precision engineered to destroy your vast, concrete bunker of choice. Indeed, they probably are – Lecht is an Ableton Certified Trainer, the only woman in Latin America with the qualification. She is also the founder of Motus Records and Motus Org, an international organisation for the advancement of culture in sound production technologies, music and avant-garde arts.

Her role as a someone unafraid of breaking new ground was recognised last year, too, as she appeared in Discwoman’s Tribe documentary series exploring flourishing music independent scenes around the world. “In Europe, the girls read about feminism. In Latin America, the girls live feminism, because you need to be a warrior,” she said.

Suddenly, the accompanying artwork for this release – blood splashed across a pristine surface – takes on a whole new meaning.

Listen to Female Criminals Vol. 2 in the player, then pick it up when it lands on 28 February via Motus Records