Anohni asks fans to share their vulnerabilities in exchange for an exclusive track

There’s a missing song from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming Paradise EP – and there’s only one way to get it

Anohni‘s Paradise EP is set to be released this Friday (17 March) and while fans may rejoice, there is one catch.

While the EP will feature six tracks, there is a seventh track – titled I Never Stopped Loving You – that completes the album but it won’t be released with the others this week.

On Facebook today (15 March), the multi-talented composer and visual artist asks fans to email her “a gesture of anonymous vulnerability” in return for the last song. After all, through her music, Anohni shares her artistry and vulnerabilities.

There are some rules: “Please don’t write about how my music affects you; if you mention me or my work I will not send the track. Please keep the focus on yourself.”

See the Facebook post below.

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