Watch Club Kuru’s dreamy visual for Ribbons

Envisioned by Bristol-based director Will Dohrn, the video depicts scenes of isolation and longing

Set against the Brutalist architecture of Victor Pasmore’s Apollo Pavilion in County Durham, Will Dohrn’s lens weave a narrative of isolation and delusions of grandeur for the five-piece psychedelic outfit’s track Ribbons.

The dreamy clip visualises the protagonist, played by Tatiana Hiess, wandering around the empty, clean-cut buildings of Pasmore’s Brutalist setting. Strangers dance in separate scenes but the protagonist can only connect to them via clips on TV screens.

On the video, Dohrn told Nowness: “Much like in the real world, we can’t ever reach past the screens to the other side, where we believe the things we want are waiting for us. Here, Tatiana is left alone to find her own way with the mantra from an old wise man chanting in her head.”

Watch the video in the player above.