Wolfgang Tillmans’ Colourbox compilation released exclusively for major exhibition

The LP complements the artist’s exhibition and celebrates the electronic group’s career

Tillmans‘ previously compiled LP – entitled Music of the band (1982-1987) – is now available to purchase exclusively at the Tate Modern and 4AD’s online store.

Consisting of 16 tracks by Colourbox, the LP was initially compiled by Tillmans to celebrate the electronic group. A conceptual playback listening space was held at his Berlin gallery, Between Bridges, in 2014. Samples and lyrics were pasted on the walls of the gallery, and a limited run of CDs were made available at the exhibition.

The Playback Room now forms part of his exhibition at the Tate. As a tribute to Colourbox’s late members, Steven Young and Ian Robbins, the LP of the compilation is now available to buy.

This new updated version features a different sleeve design by Tillmans with the incorporation of a previously unreleased photograph of his dismantled Canon Colour Laser Copier. Purchased with Tillmans’ Turner Prize money – which he won in 2000 – the coveted copier was a prized item and broke down after a decade of service. The artist has previously mentioned that 80s technology has greatly influenced his work.

Peep the new artwork below. The LP can be purchased here.

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