An interactive visualiser of Wolfgang Tillman’s Truth Study Center has been unveiled by the Tate

For the first time, a digital reimagining of the celebrated photographer’s project is available to explore online

With its first beginnings in 2005, the Truth Study Center is a body of work composed of photographs, objects, articles and drawings displayed on table tops that pose different versions of truth. Though it was first created in the early 00s, the project feels particularly relevant to our time. In an era of post-truth where fake news and facts are spread, the idea of truth has become warped and is often questioned.

Now, as a first for both the iconic photographer and the Tate Modern, the work is available to view online in a digital visualiser with personal anecdotes and commentary from Tillmans – who, in the past, has been rather quiet on the subject of his project. The visualiser was engineered by Tillmans himself and developers Nate van der Ende and Johanna Lundberg.

If you haven’t already, check out Tillman’s current exhibition at the Tate Modern. You can experience the interactive visualiser here.