AJ Tracey backs Jeremy Corbyn, explains why he’s voting Labour

In a new video from Labour, the grime MC details why he’s backing the party and why he believes in Corbyn

The Labour party have posted a video today (29 May) featuring AJ Tracey in his hometown, London’s Ladbroke Grove, explaining why he’ll be voting for the party for the UK’s general election on 8 June.

“The Labour Party strongly support the youth in following their dreams and giving people a chance,” he says. Addressing his surroundings and the UK’s rising house prices, he explains that he’ll be voting for Labour to boost his chance of gaining a home in the future. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to buy a house here and with this Labour government, I might have a chance.” He continues, “Labour want to build more homes, more council houses and things like that. We need places to live.”

The west London artist believes that “everybody should have the chance to study education for free,” understanding that debt can deter people from attaining a university degree. “The amount of debt that I have, personally, it almost put me off going to uni.” He also goes on to vocalise his support for the NHS – “one of the jewels of the UK” that the Conservative party is “trying to dismantle”.

He concludes his beliefs with, “In my opinion we need a Labour government to give young people a hope, a chance for their future and I genuinely believe that Corbyn is the man to do it… it’s a Corbyn ting, not a Tory ting.”

Since the snap general election was announced in April, the Labour leader has experienced a surge of support from the grime scene with several MCs – such as Novelist, Akala and JME – backing him. Subsequently, pro-Corbyn posters linking the leader to the artists have been spotted around London, and the website Grime 4 Corbyn has been created to encourage young people to register to vote. Furthermore, the leader has recently been added to Boy Better Know’s Wikipedia page.

Extending beyond the grime scene, he recently connected with the indie crowd by making a surprise appearance and speech before a Libertines gig.

Watch the video below and revisit Crack’s interview with AJ Tracey.