Sevendeaths – Torrent of Tears

Sevendeaths is the alias of Edinburgh-based musician, producer, and composer Steven Shade. Known for his longform, synth-led drone pieces that recall Fennesz or Tim Hecker, his recent album for LuckyMe was recorded over a series of nights when Shade was suffering from a bout of insomnia. On Remote Sympathy, noise becomes a kind of manifestation of the wide-eyed, hypersensitivity that comes with sleep depravation can make the smallest stimulation feel overpowering.


Yet this isn’t another tribute to the HD onslaught of modern life. Instead, Shade balances the micro with the macro, granular detailing with a sweeping scale. On Torrent of Tears director Peter Marsden channels a very late night sense of suffocation into the sublime; shot on the Isle of Mull, it essays the natural rhythms, the tensions and releases, found in the wild.


Watch the premiere of the video above. Torrent of Tears is out now on Lucky Me.


Directed, Shot & Edited by Peter Marsden
Music & Mix by Steven Shade aka Sevendeaths
Narration by Jamie Robson
Written by Timothy J Jarvis
Creative Direction by Dominic Flannigan