AJ Tracey calls out the lack of government response to Grenfell Tower

The Guardian has published the video interview today (19 June), whereby AJ Tracey and his brother both discuss the politics of Grenfell Tower, the local community’s response and the absence of government action.

As a resident who lives in a house behind Grenfell Tower, AJ Tracey says, “A lot of people I know, I knew – obviously rest in peace – were in that block.” He goes on to detail how the block is situated in “the richest borough in London” and Europe, and “anyone who’s of colour can’t buy a house here. It’s unheard about.”

Mickey describes the community as a “family” and comments on the borough’s gentrification, saying that the government want to “push us out to bring in either the Chelsea set or Russian vacant home owners”.

“I’ve seen no central government response. I’ve seen no local government response,” Mickey says. “I have to big up the Muslims here. The Muslim response has been epic here, on an unimaginable scale. Muslims have been coming down from Birmingham, from Leicester, from Luton to come help us here. And the government can’t get off its arse to send anyone in. And if this was a flat in a Tory constituency, somewhere in Hampshire, there would be the army sent in.”

Recently, AJ Tracey backed Jeremy Corbyn for the general election. Watch The Guardian‘s video below.

(via The Guardian)