Jeremy Corbyn to introduce Run The Jewels at Glastonbury

The Labour leader will be appearing on the main Pyramid stage

Jeremy Corbyn is set to appear at Glastonbury’s main Pyramid stage this year to introduce the rap duo Run The Jewels. Known for their leftwing views, the duo recently gave a shout out to the Labour party at this year’s Field Day on 3 June.

Corbyn will appear on stage with festival founder Michael Eavis. “We’re Corbyn fans, that’s the thing,” Eavis told The Guardian. “He’s got something new and precious, and people are excited about it. He really is the hero of the hour.”

Furthermore, in a tweet today (16 June), Labour MP Clive Lewis announced that he’s been scheduled for a talk on the Leftfield stage. And he’s revealed that he’ll be joined by “special guest star” Jeremy Corbyn for ‘Recharge Your Activism’.

Last year, Corbyn was confirmed for a talk at the Worthy Farm festival, in which he was supposed to speak in opposition to the government’s Trident initiative. However, in the wake of Brexit, his appearance was cancelled. Speaking to The Guardian in an article published today (16 June), Eavis said that he most agrees with Corbyn’s views on nuclear disarmament.

“He really believes in it, like I do. The UK’s nuclear weapons cost an absolute fortune, and make us a target. Why? For four boats? It’s ridiculous; it’s so absurd. Corbyn is on the same page with me on that one. He’s going to fight it out, I think.”

petition on, aiming to get the Labour leader on a stage at the Worthy Farm festival, has been gaining a significant amount of support. During his campaign trail for the general election on 8 June, Corbyn gave a surprise speech before a Libertines gig.

(via The Guardian)