Jesse Kanda releases statement on The Horrors artwork controversy

The artist has had a change of heart

Earlier this week, The Horrors marked their return with the track Machine  – their first new music in three years. However, the group were accused of ripping off Jesse Kanda’s work. Comparisons were drawn between the artwork for their latest single and the work of the London visual artist and Arca collaborator online.

In a statement posted on Twitter today (15 June), Kanda admitted, “At first I felt a bit territorial. And since people were defending my work, I unsympathetically thought it amusing to watch.”

He went on to discuss how people compared his work to that of Chris Cunningham’s. “If I hadn’t discovered his art in my adolescence, I wouldn’t have made some of my art the same way,” and he concedes, “So those people flipping the mirror back at me allowed me to simultaneously feel how maybe The Horrors are feeling about their artwork.”

The statement continues to show Kanda’s shifted perspective on how “it’s obvious none of us are totally original” and their arguments are “actually all a display of how passionate we are about art”.

He finishes his statement by wishing “The Horrors, the artist who made their artwork, Chris Cunningham, and everyone commenting the best and respect”.

Read the entire statement below.