There’s a petition to get Jeremy Corbyn on stage at Glastonbury

“We, the people, ask you to make this so”

A petition has been created on to get Jeremy Corbyn on a Glastonbury stage this year. Set to be delivered to Michael Eavis CBE if it’s successful, the petition started with a single signature from Jo Green and at the current time of writing (2:32pm), has since gained 2,707 supporters. The goal is to reach 5,000 signatures altogether.

In an open letter, the petition reads: “Just imagine having Jeremy Corbyn on stage at the Glastonbury Festival! Imagine the reaction! We, the people, ask you to make this so!”

Last year, the Labour leader was scheduled for an appearance at the Worthy Farm festival to speak in opposition to the government’s Trident initiative. However, following the result of the EU referendum, his appearance was cancelled.

Recently, as part of his campaign trail for the snap general election on 8 June, the MP appeared on stage before a Libertines gig.

Glastonbury will be taking place at Worthy Farm, on 21-25 June. You can sign the petition here.