Jay-Z sampled small Bristol band Hannah Williams & the Affirmations on 4:44

A sample of Late Nights & Heartbreak was used in 4:44

A track by small Bristol band Hannah Williams & the Affirmations was sampled on Jay-Z’s millon-selling album 4:44, it has emerged. The sample is taken from Late Nights & Heartbreak from their 2016 album of the same name and is used on the central, self-titled track 4:44. The song and band are also mentioned in a New York Times profile of Jay-Z’s producer No I.D.

“It was ridiculous,” The band’s musical director James Graham told Bristol 24/7

It’s unfathomable for someone like me – a musician in Bristol working locally and playing little gigs and little pubs around town,” Graham continued. “I’ve gone on tour and stuff, but there are a lot of people like that out there and there’s only one Jay-Z. For us to be working with him is still hard to believe even though it’s already come out.”

You can read the entire interview here and listen to the original track below.