Steffi announces new album World of the Waking State

Steffi new album

The LP will land in September via Ostgut Ton

Steffi has announced details of her forthcoming album, World of the Waking State. It will be the Dutch producer and Panorama Bar resident’s third solo outing for Ostgut Ton, the first since 2014’s Power of Anonymity.

According to the press materials, the record marks a departure for both producer and label. “Over ten tracks she embarks on entirely new electronic terrain for her productions,” explains the release, “…marking industrial spaces with superlunary warmth whilst exercising a refined knowledge of polyphony and arrangement.”

In June, Steffi contributed a mix to the long-running Fabric series (our verdict is here). You can view the cover art for World of the Waking State and tracklist for World of the Waking State below. The album is due for release 22 September via Ostgut Ton.


A1. Different Entities
A2. Continuum Of The Mind
A3. All Living Things
B1. The Meaning Of Memory
B2. Schools Of Thought
C1. World Of The Waking State
C2. Kokkie
C3. Mental Events
D1. Bounces Of Nature
D2. Cease To Exist

1. Different Entities
2. Continuum Of The Mind
3. All Living Things
4. The Meaning Of Memory
5. Schools Of Thought
6. World Of The Waking State
7. Kokkie
8. Mental Events
9. Bounces Of Nature
10. Cease To Exist