Listen to Objekt’s unbelievable set from Freerotation 2017

He drops Run DMC’s It’s Like That

TJ Hertz – aka Objekt – has shared his Freerotation set on Soundcloud today (12 July) with the full tracklist. Notable highlights include Run DMC’s It’s Like That with Jason Nevins and Jlin’s Hatsheput.

On the Soundcloud caption, the artist wrote: “I was playing second-to-last on Sunday night in Room 1, between XDB and Sebastian Mullaert, so I figured I’d leave out the drastic tempo shifts and just have A LOAD OF FUN keeping the party going instead, maybe coaxing out a couple of end-of-festival tears in the process.”

Stream the mix below, and read Crack’s in-depth features with Objekt and Jlin in conversation with Holly Herndon.