You can now stream Aphex Twin’s massive online back catalogue

There’s new stuff too

Earlier this year, Aphex Twin launched a mysterious countdown on his website. The countdown has finished today (20 July) and in its place is an online archive of material that you can stream now – complete with comments from the artist himself and the Field Day exclusive London 03.06.17There’s also new material within the archive and a web shop on the site.

The back catalogue isn’t entirely complete yet, with Richard D. James commenting: “ALL Rephlex material will be going up here in due course+xtras”.

Among the catalogue is Analord 07, which James has annotated with: “Unedited original live version, I think there were a few different versions, until I track down the master this is an mp3, so its free with Lisbon acid.”

Aphex Twin performed a highly anticipated set at this years Field Day. Visit Aphex’s site here, and read Crack’s live review of his Field Day set.