Posh Isolation to release Khalil’s debut album The Water We Drink

Introducing a new trio on the Copenhagen label, the band’s debut album The Water We Drink is due for release on 25 August

The three-piece outfit is formed of vocalist Nikolaj Vonsild – from synth quartet When Saints Go Machine and Cancer – Simon Formann, aka Yen Towers and part of Age Coin and Lower, and Villads Klint.

According to the press release: “the impulses of the romantic lyricism are diverted through artificial mechanisms and unnatural vocal terrains. Set against a melodic chorus of fractured pop, there is a certain sense in which the aching wane of Khalil feels like an ensemble of identities grasping for a form as water may grasp for land.”

Stream the trio’s track Rest My Head Against a Wall of Water, and check out the new tracklist below. You can pre-order the album here.

Posh Isolation recently marked their 200th release with a new album by Damien Dubrovnik, the duo consisting of the label’s founders Loke Rahbek (aka Croatian Amor) and Christian Stadsgaard (aka Vanity Productions).


01. Trapper
02. Rest My Head Against a Wall of Water
03. Gigds
04. Submit So Deep
05. Estate Straight Line
06. Herat
07. Always Wanted To Ride In A Place Like This
08. Natures Envy
09. Sculpture So Solid
10. The White Hoodie I Wear Because I Love You