Inga Mauer speaks out about assault at Flow Festival

The Russian DJ has given her account of the incident at the Helsinki festival

In a Facebook post published today (15 August), Inga Mauer has spoken out about her altercation with security at Helsinki’s Flow Festival on 12 August. The artist played a set on Resident Advisor’s Front Yard Stage two hours before she was assaulted by security. She was later sent to jail for the night, while Marie Davidson was thrown out of the festival after attempting to help. Yesterday (14 August), Marie Davidson posted her eyewitness account of the incident online.

In a new post, Mauer detailed how she was enjoying a meal when “two people grabbed my hands and started dragging me on the ground, as if I was a sack of potatoes.”

“Next moment, there is five men around me, dragging me somewhere. They took me behind some fences and locked me away from my friends. I was alone. I looked like a real criminal, like I did something horribly bad. I was screaming for help and trying to get away,” she said.

“I could look into the bastards’ eyes, that were assaulting me,” she continued. “I asked if they would do something like that with their mother or their girlfriend. I was told to shut the fuck up. After that I spat into two bodyguards’ faces. One of them slapped me in the face. Next moment, I was being held by the police officers. They carried me, threw in the car and shut the door.” She also detailed how she hid her phone in her underwear and tried to contact people for help, until her phone ran out of battery whilst she was in jail.

Towards the end of the post, she said, “I would like to thank festival’s boss. Toni Rantanen, my friend, you are awesome.”

“i am not okay. I am covered with bruises, it hurts all over. I cannot sleep, hug or even laugh. It hurts. The case is opened. There are lawyers involved.”

Yesterday, Flow Festival responded to Davidson’s account of the incident with an apology and said in a statement to Fact that “serious discussions” with lawyers and security organisation Local Crew Oy are currently underway.

Read Mauer’s post in full below.