James Holden announces new album The Animal Spirits

Listen to the lead single Pass Through the Fire now.

Details have been revealed of the upcoming record by James Holden and the Animal Spirits to be released 3 November via Holden’s Border Community label. The band are assembled from long-time collaborators Tom Page (RocketNumberNine drummer) and Etienne Jaumet, plus Marcus Hamblett, Liza Bec and Lascelle Gordon.

The band today share the lead single of the new project, Pass Through the Fire. The track was the first created for the record, originating with the time Holden spent in Morocco with the late Gnawa musician Maleem Mahmoud Guinia.

The record, named for the band, marks the official end to Holden’s career as a DJ as he doubles down on his new direction as a band leader in the classic jazz mould. Holden describes his intention with the band as “something like a spiritual jazz band playing folk/trance music”, and the album mixes Holden’s idiosyncratic synth-play with the acoustic prowess of the assembled collaborators. Listen to Pass Through the Fire below.