KLF say “it would not make sense” to make a Chill Out II

New details emerge detailing The KLF's anticipated return

Bill Drummond wasn’t interested

To coincide with the pop provocateurs’ Liverpool event, Test Pressing have published KLF member Bill Drummond’s response to the idea of making a follow-up to their classic album Chill Out. 

His response reads, “Are you suggesting that you make a Chill Out II. If so I guess you are totally free to do so, I don’t think we could either sanction it or stop it.”

“But if you are asking if Jimmy Cauty and I would be interested in doing a Chill Out II, it would not make any sense. Chill Out was something that we made about 25 years ago in response to the world as it was then. That is something we would neither be interested in or able to do.”

He continued, “But I guess anybody with modern desc top stuff could make a Chill Out sounding record pretty easily. Just not us. A lot of buses have pulled up at the stop since then.”

It’s been 23 years since the KLF turned their back on the music industry. They’ve made their return this year with the dystopian fiction book 2023: A Trilogy. For their comeback, they’re also currently hosting Liverpool: Welcome To The Dark Ages – a three-day event in the UK city that commenced on 23 August and finishes today (25 August).

Read the email exchange below.

(via Test Pressing)