Listen to a conversation between Wolfgang Tillmans and Room 4 Resistance’s Luz Diaz

Welcome to Berlin: Then & Now, a podcast series exploring the city’s rich musical past, present and future through the gaze of two unique artists from different generations.

Recorded at the new Sonos Store in Mitte, both artists share ideas and play each other tracks using the Sonos One Smart Speaker with voice control.

In our first episode, Peaches sat down with Lotic for a candid conversation about the different generations of Berlin’s queer scene and the ways in which they’ve both found a community in the city.

For episode two, photographer, artist and activist Wolfgang Tillmans meets Luz Diaz, the founder of Room 4 Resistance, a Berlin–based queer femme and non–binary collective focused on building communities and creating safety and visibility for marginalised voices in dance music.

Wolfgang Tillmans is known primarily as a photographer. His iconic work began in the 90s, where he developed a unique visual language that remains highly influential today. But in recent years, Tillmans has transcended the art world. Alongside his music, which takes inspiration from techno, his social activism has seen him become a spokesperson for progressive ideals, as he does what he can to challenge the intense right-wing ideologies gaining momentum in Western media and politics.

And while the concept of ‘safe spaces’ has been almost universally welcomed, in some instances its meaning has become diluted for a more superficial promotional tactic. Room 4 Resistance, however, mean it. As one of the key promoters behind the Berlin event series, Luz Diaz is committed to the reconstitution of club culture’s radical potential.

Both figures work within their communities in Berlin, and further afield, to make them a brighter place. In this podcast, they discuss the magic of dark rooms, shared values on inclusion and visibility for marginalised people, and why Berlin’s club culture must stay political.

Listen to the podcast in the player below and stay tuned for the next instalment.

Producer: Eliza Lomas
Videographer: Ben Brook
Mixing: Tom Mercer
Music: Facta
Photography: Elizabeth Herring

Series Lead: Duncan Harrison