Premiere: Red Axes’ new album The Beach Goths

We’re excited to be hosting an exclusive premiere of the new album by Tel-Aviv duo Red Axes.

Having successfully inked the scene of their city onto the global map of clubbing and dance music culture, they’ve refused to sit still.

With their Garzen imprint (the home of this sophomore album), Red Axes have founded a stable for the diverse and exciting sounds of the Israeli city. On this LP, they’ve drawn from all corners of their record collection. Bringing together Balearic blissfulness, loose reggae, caustic psychedelia and streaks of chugging proto-punk – trying to give The Beach Goths a singular genre would be like trying to catch sand.

Friends of the Axes and affiliates of the label feature along the way, Abrão, Eylonzo Crotch, Gabriel Broid, Adi Bronicki, Thomas Jacksonn and Iñigo Vontier all appear. The record was recorded in their Tel Aviv studio and the sonic voyage of the LP carries an atmosphere of friends and family passing through.

Check out Crack’s 8/10 review of the record here.

Listen to the record in the player below. It is available on vinyl and digitally on 11 August via Garzen Records.

A1. Ride The Sus
A2. Tantram Power
A3. What Is In Your Head
A4. Piper Work ft. Abrão
A5. Tarzan Blues ft. Eylonzo Crotch
A6. Relaxation (For Your Mind And Body) ft. Gabriel Broid
B1. Coocked Banana ft. Thomass Jackson & Iñigo Vontier
B2. Shlomit
B3. Loosen
B4. Shir 1
B5. Talmood
B6. Into Your Arms ft. Adi Bronicki