Ricardo Villalobos discusses when you should leave the rave in new interview

“Sleeping is by far the best drug in the world”

Some people rave for days, some decide to call it a day at 6am. Some people just don’t go raving. That’s cool too. There hasn’t been a general rule as to when is the right time to go home, until now.

In a new interview with The Guardianfamously press-shy DJ Ricardo Villalobos detailed his responsibilities as a father, how he cries “because of a rhythm”, club gentrification and, most importantly, when you should just leave the club and go home.

“It is very difficult for me to go home, to not go on socialising,” he said. “But sleeping is by far the best drug in the world, and children are a reality you can’t escape any more – they are my social obligation, and also very healthy for me… They provide me with a limit, which, until now, I never had.”

He revealed, “I’ll say: it’s 10am, I think I should go home.”

The artist also detailed how he uses “Japanese eye drops” when he cries, “so everyone thinks it’s just sweat or eye drops.”

On gentrification, he said, “You see the rich people who are paying €1,000 for a bottle of vodka. You think: shit, this doesn’t belong together! Suddenly you have a society with different classes, in the club.”

Furthermore, he described the experience of the club as “very similar to the experience in the belly of your mother: being enclosed, listening to this music. Music is responsible for us still being alive as humans – it really helps us not to kill each other.”

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