Wander Louisiana’s sombre suburbs with Suicideyear’s Julie’s Song

Check out our exclusive premier of the gorgeously tripped-out video from Suicideyear, taken from his EP Hate Songs, out on LuckyMe

With his latest release, Louisiana producer Suicideyear’s stepped away from the trap beats that have traditionally underpinned his frozen, murky textures. Hate Songs instead spreads a woozy warmth in its introspection, and none more so than the mournful, meandering Julie’s Song.

The video, created by visual artist Ezra Miller, takes us tripping through the melancholia of empty and abandoned suburbs, videos shot by Suicideyear and friends melded with warped drone footage, forest fires and stampedes of horses. The result is a beautifully hypnotic video that breathes with thrilling imperfection.

““The process of creating the ‘Julie’s Song’ video involved piecing together footage that James sent together with the footage Ryan Clarke shot” Miller explains. “I edited footage from Louisiana along to the track and then recorded at least 10 takes of myself performing, triggering clips and effects to the music.”

Between the sights of the artists actual environment in Louisiana, and the visual representation of the environment conjured by his tracks, the video builds a strong sense of reference for the young producer’s music. Plus it’s stunning.

Hate Songs is out now on LuckyMe.