Scuba shares “dystopian” eugenics theory on Twitter

This story has been updated, find the latest report here.

Scuba took to Twitter over the weekend (2 September) to share some thoughts on eugenics as a “Solution to the world’s problems”

The plan which he outlined in a series of tweets involves a “localised self destructing device” which is activated following the results from an intelligence test.

Since sharing the tweets, which you can see below, Scuba has received a handful of responses from figures within UK dance music. Artwork clarified the nature of the test with Scuba in a short exchange. Tiga also responded offering to “design the test”.

Once the tweets had gone out, Scuba acknowledged the backlash and posted, “So much lol at the reaction. Saturday morning possibly not the best time for global population wipe out.”

Read the full series of tweets below.

When we reached out to Scuba’s team for comment we were informed that the comments were tied to a series of dystopian EPs which Scuba is working on and will release via his Hotflush imprint. We were directed to Scuba’s below Facebook post.