Four Tet reworks Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith track I Will Make Room For You

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s I Will Make Room For You gets the remix treatment from Four Tet.

The track is from Smith’s latest album The Kid, released in October via Western Vinyl. On the album, she said in an interview with Crack Magazine, “I had gone through something that gave me this urgent feeling of wanting to hold onto my kid energy, and make sure that’s a priority in my life.”

“I wanted to make something that brought that into other people’s worlds. Still having the intensity in the depths of challenges that come about day to day, but to also create an album that, on the surface level of it, always has that playfulness riding through it.”

In September, Four Tet released the album New Energy, which was initially announced via a photograph of the tracklist on Twitter. He’s due to embark on a tour, beginning from February 2018.

Listen to the track and check out the new artwork below.

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