Logan Sama’s BBC Radio 1Xtra grime show has been cancelled

BBC Radio 1Xtra has cancelled Logan Sama’s grime show, which was due to commence this Friday (10 November).

According to a report by the BBCpast comments on the DJ’s Twitter were shared by current 1Xtra presenter Twin B. Dating back to 2011, racist tweets about black women have been found on the radio presenter’s social media page.

Sama has issued an apology online stating, “Due to a number of ignorant and offensive comments I made as jokes amongst friends on a public platform, it has been decided by the BBC that I am not suitable to join their network as a representative.”

“I understand this decision and agree that these comments are indefensible regardless of their context. They do not represent my true opinions which I hope have been conveyed over the years through the majority of my output. I realise and acknowledge that as a person in a privileged position to be able to promote this genre and community I love, I must maintain higher standards.”

“I appreciate the BBC for originally offering me the show and thank them for their professionalism. I want to apologise once again to anyone rightfully taken offence.”

The BBC has refused to provide an explanation for the decision. “We never comment on matters concerning any individuals working with the BBC.”

“Any allegations of inappropriate behaviour would always be taken extremely seriously and would be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.”

Logan Sama has appeared on various stations, including Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss FM and the Asian Network.

View 1Xtra’s statement and Sama’s apology below.