Housing plans to go ahead despite concerns from Bristol’s Thekla

This week, Bristol’s much-loved venue Thekla raised their concerns over proposed residential developments.

The planning committee met yesterday (8 November) to discuss the housing plans, which have now been approved by the city council. The committee voted in favour of the proposed developments by ten votes to one. A five-storey office block will be constructed at Redcliffe Wharf, 150 metres away from the venue, and is set to host new offices, restaurants and flats. Three out of the scheme’s 36 flats will be turned into affordable homes. The plan is due to be set into motion next year in the summer.

The organisers at Thekla fear they may face noise complaints and subsequently be forced into closure. DHP, which owns Thekla, has raised concerns over a past noise assessment which they claim was “woefully inadequate”, leaving the space with insufficient soundproofing. It has now been agreed that a new assessment will take place so the venue can receive adequate measures.

CDP’s development director Gary Hale said that closing the venue is “the last thing we want to do”.

Thekla have issued a statement expressing their disappointment. It reads: “We appeal to the developer to keep to the promise they made in this hearing to work with us on a new noise survey and then liaise with us on improved sound insulation scheme to protect Thekla and their future residents against noise problems.”

“We expect the Council to follow up on the assurances they gave to Councillors to only give the go ahead once they were satisfied that Thekla would be protected from future noise complaints from residents of the development.”

“This is certainly not the end of the fight to protect the Thekla as we have to ensure that all parties keep to the commitments made this evening. We urge our supporters to contact their local Councillors and MPs to ensure the Council does all it can to protect our venue’s future.”

Read their full statement below.

(via Bristol Post)