WeTransfer to launch exhibition featuring Oneohtrix Point Never and Fatima Al Qadiri

Forty years ago, NASA sent a golden record into space via a spacecraft named Voyager I. Led by Carl Sagan, the record documents humanity through songs and sounds.

In celebration of the Voyager Golden Record’s 40th anniversary, WeTransfer will launch the new online exhibition A Message From Earth on 12 December. For the exhibition, WeTransfer have partnered with Oneohtrix Point Never, Fatima Al Qadiri, Gilles Peterson and more for exclusive pieces. Inspired by NASA’s original project, the exhibition aims to represent the contemporary human condition and celebrate themes of hope, goodwill and determination.

Made up of five chapters, the exhibition will include video conversations between Gilles Peterson and musicians, such as Fatima Al Qadiri and Jordan Rakei, discussing how their music has been influenced by their world locally and globally. Another chapter will feature a video collaboration in response to the question ‘do we matter?’, complemented by a score from award-winning producer Oneohtrix Point Never. Furthermore, there’ll be an interactive collage generator where users can manipulate sounds produced by S U R V I V E – the group behind the score for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Head to A Message From Earth for more info.