Enter a hyperreal wonderland in the video for Photay’s Outré Lux

Taken from his brilliant debut album, Onism, Outré Lux is a collaboration between Brooklyn producer Photay and vocalist Madison McFerrin (daughter of legendary jazz musician Bobby).

We’re excited to be premiering a visual for the track. Located in a hyperreal, CGI paradise, the clip perfectly captures the synthesised mysticism of Photay’s LP.

It was directed by Enayet Kabir and Nic Symbios who offered this comment in reflection to the clip: “The first time Evan showed us Onism, we immediately fell in love with the track Outré Lux because of its ethereal atmosphere, paired with Madison McFerrin’s supernatural vocal presence. The album title, “Onism”, references the idea of the frustration being stuck in one body and inhabiting only one place at a time, while the title of this track “Outré Lux” is French for “strange light”. Together with Evan we decided to build a world which embodied the feeling of onism while roaming through a foggy, moonlit forest at dusk, encountering strange lights and subtle digital artifacts. Evan’s hyper-detailed sound design and composition creates an inimitable universe throughout which the synthetic is tightly intertwined with an organic and intimate human presence. Building this world within a game engine allowed us to wander around it in real-time, which helped to explore and develop our vision for Outré Lux. We are super excited to share our glimpse into Photay’s universe.”

Watch the video in the player above and listen to Photay’s debut album here.

Photay recently produced a gorgeous mix for us, built entirely of music from Paul Thomas Anderson film. Listen to that here.