Technology and the sublime meet J Colleran’s mesmerising new video for O + SOH

Formerly known as MMOTHS, J Colleran marks a shift in sound with a stunning new visual.

Jack Colleran marks the minting of his new project, J Colleran, with a mesmerising CGI video for first single, O + SOH. Directed by Nic Hamilton, who’s collaborated with Actress and HudMo, the video places an accent on Colleran’s evolution from the pliant R&B he created as MMOTHS to lush ambient, almost cinematic sound which nods to Tim Hecker or even 0PN. “O + SOH was one of the first tracks I wrote with strings in mind,” explains Colleran, on the single’s genesis. “Originally I wanted to write some music for my home – the Curragh Plains, and became interested in the idea of writing music specifically for and of a place. This led to an interest in writing music for non-existent or fictional places, where the music or the tracks themselves become or depict these unreal spaces.”

Fittingly, Hamilton’s clip is evocative of this sublime world-building, delivering a collage of drifting landscapes and built-up environments, leaving the viewer to draw their own connections between technology, the environment and our future.

The debut J Colleran album, due summer 2018. Watch the video via the player above.