MIRA Festival announces 2018 programme

The German digital arts festival, MIRA, will return to Berlin’s Funkhaus on 5-6 May.

Exploring the intersection of technology, light and art, the festival’s carefully curated programme will host a range of audiovisual performances, 4DSOUND explorations, DJ sets, conferences and live performances involving interactive media. At Mira’s last edition, we noted that the festival staged some of the “most innovative technology put to the service of art right now“.

This year’s theme is Emotions, Diversity and Social Change. For 2018, MIRA will host live shows from Eotrax label boss Eomac and WaqWaq Kingdom – the project of vocalist Kiki Hitomi – and sound installations and compositions by Thomas Ankersmit and Croatian Amor. There’ll also be a retrospective of 4DSOUND’s extensive catalogue, with pieces by Peter Van Hoesen, Casimir Geelhoed, Ioann and more.

Head to MIRA’s website for more information.