Watch the eerie video for industrial duo Ora Iso’s Dead Riot

We’re excited to be premiering a brand new video from Ora Iso – a New York industrial duo composed of Kathleen Malay and Jason Kudo.

They are gearing up to release new music on Regis’ influential Downwards imprint. The record is called Image Certifies and, according to a press release, it’s “a love letter to a society dying of its own self-induced cancers.”

The video for Dead Riot is directed by Kathleen Malay and was shot in location in Jakarta, Indonesia, the country Malay was born in. Speaking about the video over email, Malay told us, “Dead Riot is about trapped souls living in a decaying house. The song itself is about waiting for something to come that never will. I came across this house and realised it was the perfect place to visualise this feeling. It seems to me that that’s actually the case in this house; its true occupants are strange, lovely, lonely people. The first night I went home from that location, I couldn’t sleep due to being inexplicably burdened by feelings of sadness and isolation that followed me home. The lower floor smelled of rust or of blood, and the temperature of the house was oddly cool in the steaming hot city of Jakarta. The air felt as if it was competing for space with something else— crowded with intangible beings, clouds of nostalgia, spirits asking to be remembered, recognised and released. Sometimes it felt menacing, but mostly forlorn, distant, and sad; the house was once such a beautiful place, and so these were the emotions I wanted to convey. Beautiful discomfort. The characters in the film are never set free, they’re left to live aimlessly in a timeless zone.”

Watch the eerie video in the player above and follow Ora Iso here.

Ora Iso’s new album Image Certifies will be released on 27 April via Downwards.