Sónar+D unveils details of sixth programme

Sónar+D, the congress dedicated to exploring creative technologies, has revealed the five key topics of its sixth programme.

According to the press release, the congress will ask the following questions: What are the new creative and technological territories that remain unexplored? And who are the people leading these initiatives?

Its five major premises are the future of space exploration, music, audiovisual experiences, the internet and intelligence. NASA will be on board to “explain the latest developments in the search for Earth-like planets outside of our Solar System and how artists would be able to communicate in the event of first contact” while companies such as Google Magenta will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in music.

Speakers, such as digital pioneer Ian Rogers and blockchain specialist Mat Dryhurst, are set to reflect on the digital landscape, and the internet’s direction in the near-future.

Furthermore, a standout highlight on the programme is a talk with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto, who’ll both unfold their creative process at the event.

Sónar+D will run alongside Sónar Festival at Barcelona, on 13-16 June. Head here for more information.