Grimes reveals new album tracklist

The Canadian artist has shared an image of the song titles for her new album.

Details of the album’s title and release date are yet to be revealed, but as unveiled via her Instagram story, it’ll include tracks called that’s what the drugs r 4, So Heavy i fell through the earth and blaze forever like a useless star. Currently, the names are working titles, with Grimes explaining that they’re subject to change.

Yesterday (11 May), the Art Angels producer appeared in the animated video Grimes On The Mississippi. Part of the video series Drawn & Recorded, it recounts the time she travelled down the Mississippi River in a boat called Velvet Glove Cast In Iron.

Last year, the pop auteur revealed she was working on a new album of “unexplored sonic landscapes”. Speaking to Rolling Stone in April, she said she was “halfway done with another record”, comprised of “more chill vibes, downtempos, synth-y shit”. In February this year, she tweeted that the album will be out in 2018, and added, “i would say spring but realistically, fall”.

Grimes’ last album is 2015’s Art Angels, which features the singles Flesh Without Blood and Kill V. Maim. Check out the full tracklist below for her upcoming LP.