Lyrics to Dave’s No Words have been cited in a Times article about gang violence

The Times have published an article today (21 June) which features quotes from Simeon Moore, a “former gangster” involved in a Radio 4 documentary accusing BBC radio stations of “condoning black-on-black” violence through playlisting decisions.

Moore – who, The Times explains, raps under the moniker Zimbo – narrates the programme which explores links between a “nihilistic form of rap music and youth violence.”

When speaking to The Times, Moore mentioned hearing his son singing along to No Words, the single by former Crack cover star Dave with MoStack. The article reads:

“… the rapper known only as Dave said: “I don’t wanna dead no beef, I don’t wanna sort it out.” Moore said: “Beef is what they call urban gang wars. To dead it would be to stop it. And the artist is basically saying, ‘No, don’t stop it, keep it going.'”

Check out an image of the article shared by journalist Dan Hancox, author of Inner City Pressure, below.

Dave’s publicist did not respond to The Times‘ request for comment.