Dean Blunt releases Muggy Vol. 1 compilation on his World Music label

The elusive artist has shared a new compilation online from his label World Music.

Entitled Muggy Vol. 1, the nine-track compilation includes a host of unnamed collaborators. It’s available to stream online now via the player above, and can be downloaded on WeTransfer. A compilation that’s characteristically Blunt, the sample-heavy tracks feature bluesy and sludgy guitars with meandering interludes.

Earlier this year, Blunt shared the 30-minute track Soul on Fire and a three-track release called BOOKEY. However, in mysterious Bluntian fashion they were later pulled down from the internet, though duplicates from various fans can be found online. In May, Blunt appeared as a vocalist and producer on A$AP Rocky’s third LP Testing.

Last October, he collaborated with Mica Levi on the opera 𝕴 𝖓 𝖓 𝖆, which was showcased at ICA London for two dates. In the same month, he also released a white label vinyl and received a directors credit on Actress’ video Falling Rizlas.

Check out the tracklist for Muggy Vol. 1 below, and revisit Crack Magazine’s Issue 71 cover story featuring Dean Blunt in conversation with GAIKA.

Dean Blunt, Muggy Vol 1

01. nba
02. garbaggio
03. moët lean
04. cloudhopper
05. dum draco
06. spiritual solution
07. london scene
08. muggy
09. duo wave