New Amsterdam venue noorderschip unveils summer programme

The new Dutch venue has revealed its schedule of parties for August.

Hot off its recent opening, the 50-metre-long boat has followed up with an announcement of summer line-ups. Kicking off today (3 August) and running until 31 August, the ship will play host to the likes of Orpheu the Wizard, Lux, Solar, Sandrien, Peverelist, Madison Moore, Pender Street Steppers and more.

Before its refurbishment, noorderschip was a former pirate radio boat that hosted a station in the 60s, before a storm in 1973 forced the crew to abandon ship. Now a multidisciplinary venue, noorderschip is docked at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam North, and boasts a Funktion One Soundsystem on an intimate 300-capacity dancefloor below water level. For its daytime events, the venue hosts a range of restaurants, alongside various courses, lectures and more.

In an interview with RAcreative director David Cornelissen said the ship will focus on “the local initiatives and collectives that still need a place in Amsterdam”. He said, “It is important there is a new venue for smaller initiatives that are looking for a place and don’t have to worry about filling a big room.”

Head to noorderschip’s Facebook page for more information.