Did Donald Glover show up as Atlanta character Teddy Perkins at the Emmy Awards?

Donald Glover, Teddy Perkins, Emmys

It looks like Donald Glover may have dressed up as Teddy Perkins for the awards show.

During Monday night’s (17 September) Emmy Awards, as Bill Hader stood up to accept his award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, he hugged a recognisable character in the front row – Atlanta‘s very own white-masked villain Teddy Perkins, who appears in the sixth episode of the second season. Backstage, Hader said, “I don’t know who that was I hugged but it was the guy from Atlanta, he showed up.”

Camera footage also later shows Glover (the actual Donald Glover appearing as himself) at the Emmys, raising some questions across the internet. As fans have speculated, could it be that Glover turned up to the Emmys dressed as Teddy Perkins? And also somehow managed to switch roles? Scroll down for a selection of fan reactions.

Glover was nominated for five awards, including Lead Actor, Writing, Guest Actor and Directing for a Comedy Series.