Wiley blasts Skepta and Dizzee Rascal in rant, calls them “paigons”

Wiley Instagram

Wiley has taken to Instagram to share his thoughts over Skepta and Dizzee Rascal’s collaboration Money Right.

After a music video preview for the track surfaced online yesterday (17 October), Wiley began ranting about the collaboration via his Instagram story. The self-proclaimed godfather of grime asks, “What is happening? Why is everyone such a prick?”

During the rant, he accuses Skepta and Jme of “stealing” from Meridian Crew member Big H and calls Skepta “Big H’s DJ”. To Dizzee, he says, “You know why I’m the king? Because I tell people to work with you, you tell people to ‘fuck Wiley. Fuck grime, I’m a pop star. Fuck all them man’. You and Skepta, I hope you’re happily ever after bruv.”

Wiley also brings Drake and A$AP Rocky into the picture, noting Skepta’s appearances with the two. “You think I look at you like ‘You’re working with A$AP Rocky. You met Drake, you went to Wimbledon with Drake?'”

“‘Ignore him, ignore Wiley he’s gone mad.’ You’re a paigon, and you’re a paigon, that’s all. Love? That’s not going to work. Revenge? That’s not going to work. Dizzee and Skepta on a tune, you know what? Neither of you lot can talk to me, I’m not talking to you. That’s it, done. You made your bed now you can go and lie in it you paigons.”

Watch footage of the rant above, and read Wiley’s tweets below.