Easterndaze x Berlin announces full line-up for 2018 edition

Easterndaze x Berlin

The concert and film screening series has unveiled the programme for its upcoming chapter.

Set to run from 28 November to 2 December, Easterndaze x Berlin has invited a line-up of collectives to curate a series of events. Those involved include Total Black, publishing project T+U, Budapest-based label EXILES, Kiev imprint MuscĂșt and more.

Audiovisual duo WIDT will also be teaming up with Berlin-based producer Christoph de Babalon to present their new project TEYAS. Furthermore, Room 4 Resistance are set to stage a line-up featuring DJ OCCULT, Gigsta and Luz with live shows helmed by ASTMA and B.YHZZ.

The first edition of Easterdaze x Berlin: DIY Music Topographies was held in 2016. Head to the festival’s website for more information.