New weekly series to release rare and unseen videos of Prince


The Prince Estate has announced a new weekly video series.

Up until 14 December, The Prince Estate will release rare and unseen videos each week from Prince’s 1995-2010 era. Each weekly release will be organised by album. So far, visuals for EndorphinmachineDolphin and Rock and Roll is Alive! (and it Lives in Minneapolis) has been posted online.

Endorphinmachine was orginally released via the CDRom video game Interactive, and could previously only be viewed by those who successfully navigated through it. Rock and Roll is Alive! (and it Lives in Minneapolis) aired in 1997 as a response to Lenny Kravitz’s track Rock and Roll is Dead, while Dolphin became the first video to be played on VH1 Europe in 1994. Watch the three videos below.

During the 15-year period, the late icon released 23 albums including 2004’s Musicology and 2006’s 3121. In August, The Prince Estate released his back catalogue online. Before his death in April 2016, the late artist was famously protective of his work and had pulled most of his releases from streaming platforms in 2015, with the exception of Tidal.