Rare audio of an early 90s Aphex Twin performance surfaces online

Aphex Twin

New Jersey’s Lofidelic Records has posted a recording of a rare Aphex Twin live set at Limelight NYC.

Audio from one of Aphex Twin’s Limelight NYC performances has surfaced on SoundCloud. Posted in December 2018 by New Jersey vinyl store Lofidelic Records, the recording captures one of two performances, taking place in either 1991 or 1992. The news comes in the wake of a recent announcement that this April the artist will play his first New York shows since the 90s.

Clocking in at just over an hour long, the set was recorded to tape using a DAT recorder. No official tracklist accompanies the recording, but approximations can be found on a corresponding Reddit thread.

A description accompanying the upload reads: “Back in the early 1990s when techno was just starting to explode in NYC, I snuck a portable DAT recorder into the Limelight nightclub when Richard James, The Aphex Twin was DJing a very rare live set. I recorded his entire one-hour set from the crowd and then put the DAT away for 25+ years.”

“The other day with the help of my friend Tony Rodriquez and his DAT machine, we finally made a digital copy of the set and finally uploaded it for all to hear. As far as I can remember, RDJ did only two live performances and one DJ set at the Limelight during that time.”

“I have never heard a live set from RDJ from the Limelight so this might be the only recording of this set (please correct me if I’m wrong, thanks!) The recording is loud and noisy just like 90s techno but I think it’s clear enough to enjoy.” [sic]

Listen to the full recording via the player below. Head to our portal to find all of Crack Magazine’s Aphex Twin-related features in one place.

(via Electronic Beats)