New Brooklyn performance space Public Records books Call Super, Octo Octo and Optimo for programme

Public Records
© Kasia Zacharko

Brooklyn’s latest hi-fi music space and multi-purpose venue opens in mid March.

After two years of renovations, New York City’s 233 Butler Street is poised to re-open as Public Records: a new cultural and social hub. The two-storey former animal shelter will be divided into three rooms, including a record bar and restaurant, an intimate concert venue, and an all-day vegan café.

Care has been taken to ensure that the venue will deliver a multi-sensory experience, with sound engineering powerhouse ARUP consulting on the acoustics, Brooklyn-based Nitemind advising on the lighting, and all of the rooms featuring custom built rotary mixers by Isonoe.

The bar will host nightly rare record collectors and weekly experimental jazz events. Both the bar and performance space will also welcome acts for live performances and DJ sets. Thus far, the confirmed bookings include Optimo, Octo Octa, Call Super, Maayan Nidam and Ge-ology.

For further information, head to the Public Records website.