Frank Ocean reveals the gay bar in Good Guys is Boxers NYC

Frank Ocean
vis @blonded

Frank Ocean has revealed the location of the gay bar he highlights in the Blonde track Good Guys.

In an interview with Gayletter, Frank Ocean was asked about the song Good Guys from his debut album Blonde. The track features the lyric “Here’s to the gay bar you took me to“. When asked where that referred to, Ocean responded, “We went to Boxers.” Boxers is a gay sports bar in New York City, located next to the theatre district in midtown Manhattan, also known as Hell’s Kitchen.

Ocean released his album Blonde after departing from Universal and Def Jam and spoke in the interview about the objectification he experienced interacting with big labels. “Fucking with major music companies, you’re going to be… deflowered,” Ocean says, “Anytime you get into the business side of the arts, there has to be some degree of commodification that you’re comfortable with.”

Ocean is still working on music, but says he’s been improving by writing songs for other people. “I learned how to be quicker, if you can believe it,” Ocean says, “I learned how to be quicker in the studio. There was definitely a time where I had writer’s block, but that’s only happened once, knock on wood.”

The rapper said he now spends most of his time split between New York and LA, and has been “spending a lot of time in the studio.”