Prince memoir The Beautiful Ones set for release in 2019


There’s finally a release date for Prince’s memoir, The Beautiful Ones.

Shortly after his death in 2016, Random House announced that a memoir from Prince would be posthumously released. Now, they’ve confirmed that the book will be released on 29 October.

The memoir will be published as a “newly envisioned” book, combining Prince’s unfinished manuscript with a scrapbook of his personal photos, handwritten lyric sheets and an introduction by Dan Piepenbring.

The publishing house have described The Beautiful Ones as a “deeply personal account of how Prince Rogers Nelson became the Prince we know.”

Piepenbring was brought on board as a collaborator on the project before Prince’s death. His introduction will focus on the final days of Prince’s life, and how the Purple One thought “deeply about how to reveal more of himself and his ideas to the world.”

Editor Chris Jackson said, “His death was an unfathomable loss, but this book – full of writing from his own hand and images that he carefully preserved at Paisley Park – is a beautiful tribute to his life.”

“It’s also much more than that: it’s a genuinely moving and energising literary work,” he added, “full of Prince’s ideas and vision, his voice and image. It’s a treasure not just for Prince fans but for anyone who wants to see one of our greatest creative artists and original minds at work on his greatest creation: himself.”