Chance the Rapper’s 10 Day and Acid Rap are now available to stream

chance the rapper

Chance the Rapper’s first two mixtapes are now available on streaming platforms.

Last night (12.00 GMT) Chance the Rapper finally launched his name-making mixtapes, 10 Day and Acid Rap, on all major streaming services. In 2012 and 2013 they were only released for free on Soundcloud, now they are available on services including Apple Music and Spotify.

The rapper has also made available all three of his mixtapes, including 2016’s Coloring Book, on vinyl for the first time via his website.

We put Acid Rap on our Mixtapes of the Year list in 2013: “Itʼs been over three decades since hip-hopʼs inception, and despite the formulaʼs inherent simplicity – just voices and a beat – every now and then an artist comes along with a sound and attitude, unlike anything that came before it.”

In addition to his forthcoming world tour, Chance has also launched pre-orders for his next LP. Although we are still waiting for a release date, Chance has promised its arrival sometime in July.